Bagre Dam Flood Waters Causing Havoc


The Upper  West Regional  Director  of the National Disaster Management Organization, Mr. Ahmed Mustapa has stated that the spillage of the Bagre and Kompienga dams in neighboring Burkina Faso have cause flooding in some communities in Northern Ghana.

According to him, the upper west region has always suffered the spillage of these two dams.

He said the loss of lives, farmlands, and some critical infrastructure  and bridges,  led people displace and cut off some communities from other communities where they access essential services such as health.

The Regional Director of NADMO indicated that, Lawra, Nandom and Sissalas East areas are often affected while Wa West, WA East, and Nadowli/Kaleo district are not let out.

He called on international and local donors to back up their efforts of government to support victim of floods in the region.

Mr.Ahmed was quick to announce that,the government of Burkina-Faso and Government of Ghana have signed an MOU in respect of the spillage of the Bagre Dams.

He said the MOU has enabled NADMO to always provide accurate and up-to date information on the spillage of the Dams to communities that are prone to flood waters.

He made the comments in Wa during Northern Ghana Floods Forum organized by NADMO in partnership with STAR Ghan,Tama Foundation, Tamale Ecclesiastical Province Partnership For Action on 22nd June,2021 at the Dellagio Hotel

The programs manager, Star Ghana, Eunice Agbenyadzi commended the office of the regional NADMO for showing the real situation of floods in the region and called on all participants to contribute to the dialogue to suggest measures to curbing the annual menace in the region.

The Upper West Regional Minister Dr.Hafiz Bin Salih disclosed that as many as 127 people were displaced by flood.

According to him, 191 houses were destroyed in 2019 and 2020 in the region, and 775 people displaced by the flood.

He encouraged participants to use the forum to endeavor to take discussions very seriously so as to find a sustainable and lasting solution to perennial flooding in northern Ghana as a results of the spillage of Bagre Dam at Burkina Faso.

The forum brought together, representatives from various institutions and faith based organizations in the region, these include, Ghana Health Service, Environmental Protection Agency, Peace Councile,Catholic Church, Pentecostal Church, Islamic Clerk, House of Chiefs, Queen Mothers Association, Metrological Department, Plan International Ghana,Pronet Ghana and Social Welfare Department

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