Police encourage Fertilizer dealers to Smuggle in Sissala West


 Radio Mak  investigations indicated that  some police officers in the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region are now encouraging the smuggling of the  government subsidize fertilizer that is meant for farmers in that district.

According to sourcing the Police Officers in the area take GH₵100 to GH₵50 to allow Smugglers Pass out of the country.

As part of government measures to increase food production in the country, the government introduced the planting for food and jobs and also subsidized fertilizer for every farmer to be able to afford. This has helped increased the number of farmers in the upper west region over the last four years.

In our findings , a lower officer will take GH₵50 from a dealer and the top officers takes GH₵100,  the smugglers have started complaining of how they will have to pay money to the security before they are allowed to move the chemical  out of the country.

Our sources also shows that, anytime other officers want to complain about the act, the top officers will tell them that, “wait when you climb up you can also shop”

The Tumu rout does no more operate because the Tumu security will not give them the opportunity to pass the boarder because of that they all now pass through the Gwollu rout.

Residents of the district have called on the IGP to investigate the occurrence of smuggling in the district to avert any shortage of the chemical in the area, according to them, the agric minister ever insulted them and they will not want to be insulted again for being the hub of fertilizer smugglers.

In 2017,the former deputy upper west regional minister Issahaku Chinnia Amidu and now the member of parliament for the Sissala East Constituency said that some  Agric officers were  conniving with fertilizer agents under the government’s fertilizer subsidy programme to smuggle large quantities of the chemicals outside the country.

The practice, which he said the Ministry of Agriculture is complicit in, has deprived the poor beneficiary farmer’s access to fertilizers.

“…These people are not doing it alone, it’s not only a problem of the agents, and the ministry of agriculture is complicit in this particular issue” the deputy minister claimed.

According to our gatherings, the practice is common now among the fertilizer dealers in Gwollu because there is no DCE who can control the dealers and the security to make sure that the right thing is done to the benefit of all.

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