Pulima Kuoro Questions The Exclusion Of Sissala Enclave In EU/World Bank Sponsored Farm Access Roads


The supreme chief of Pulima and President of the Pulima Traditional Council has questioned why the exclusion of the Sissala enclave in the implementation of the EU and World Bank sponsored farm access roads in the Upper West Region.

According to Kuoru Osman Diewia Nankpa III, the exclusion of the Sissala enclave in the implementation of the farm access roads will go a long way to affect agricultural production in the Upper West Region, he indicated that, the Sissala enclave is the food basket of the region and once the project is targeting food production areas and to increase food production, the Sissala enclave should be the surest destination.

Kuoru Nankpa who spoke to Radio Mak News said, ’if the project was to support food production I think the Sissala land will not be left out while saying “from reliable information I had, the initial survey had included the Sissala enclave but at the implementation stage the area is left out”.

He appealed to the Ministry of Roads and Highways to have a rethink of their decision and include the Sissala enclave in the project.


Pulima Kuoru used the opportunity and appealed to all citizens of the three districts to remain calm as a delegation is working closely with the Regional Minister and the two sector ministers to get the issues resolved amicably, he added that peace is a catalyst to the development of every nation hence the need to maintain peace in the region.


Ghana has received a grant of EUR €35 million from the European Union for the rehabilitation and maintenance of 670 km of feeder and farm access roads in the Upper West Region.

The financial support is aimed at improving inter-connectivity between areas of production and marketplaces.

The groundbreaking ceremony which was held at Kpongu on Tuesday, 18th May 2021, for works to commence immediately sparked demonstration in the Sissala enclave following information that the area was left out in the project list

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