Minister Assures Sissala Enclave of Equitable Distribution of Farm Access Roads


Dr Hafiz Bin Salih, the Upper West Regional Minister has assured the chiefs and people of the Sissala enclave of his total commitment to ensuring that, the national development is shared equitably to the Upper West Region.

The Minister made the remarks when  a delegation from the Sissala enclave paid a visit on him on  May, 2021  in his office


It will be recalled that four districts that were left out of the €35m EU feeder and farm access road project demonstrated to register their displeasure.

It is on this backdrop that the Chiefs paid a courtesy call on the Minister to brief him on the aspirations of the people with regards to the widespread agitations.

Briefing the minister, Zini kuoro Sukabe Ninia Abu Diyaka said, their visit was for them and the regional minister to build  consensus with regards to the construction of selected farm roads in the region.

According to him, they are not satisfied with how the allocation was done and demanded the Minister to explain the mode of  selection and why the Sissala enclave was left out.

Kuoro Sukabe Ninia also asked if the selection criteria could be made public to subsequently include the Sissala enclave in the project.

In their quest to justify their inclusion, Pulima Kuoro, Osman Diewia Nanpka noted that chunk of the food items produced in the Upper West Region comes from the Sissala enclave.

“if the project was to support food production I think the sissala land will not be left out while saying “from a reliable information I had, the initial survey had included the Sissala enclave but I don’t know why at it implementation stage the area  is left out”.

In responding to the chiefs, Dr Hafiz Bin Salih reiterated governments commitment at ensuring equitable development in all parts of the country.

The Minister pledged to arrange a meeting for a delegation from the Sissala area and some government functionaries to solve the issues raised amicably.

“The Sissala zone is a significant component of our beloved region and indeed Ghana. Government shall therefore ensure that development gets to the people of the Sissala area.”the minister stressed

“At the time of the ground breaking of the projects I myself did not even know the beneficiary districts and municipalities.

The minister commended the chiefs, the Sissala Youth Forum and all for demonstrating in a more peaceful manner.


The minister admonished the chiefs and people not to allow anyone limit the issues to partisan politics but should rather fight as a united people who wants development for the people.

“This issue is not NPP, NDC matter. Its a matter of the Sissala people and their development”.

The delegation was led by the Zini Kuoro and the Pulima Kuoro

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