UWR: Dalipuozu residents cry for potable water


The chiefs and people of Dalipuozu in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region are crying over scarce sources of potable water which have forced them to rely on dugouts for water to serve domestic purposes.

The community with over 150 people often pray for the rainy season for streams and valleys to store enough water for them to fetch for household uses.

The issue of the lack of potable water source to the community is more severe in the dry seasons as streams and valleys dried up leaving women and girls to resort to digging or earthing- out for water. Women will dig several pits in search of water.

Sadly, this becomes the only source of water, and women and girls will have to form several ques in the morning, afternoon, and evening just to get a basin of water for the entire household.

The residents despite the loss of precious time also stand the risk of contracting diseases including COVID-19 as hand washing practices are compromised.

Speaking to women in the dugout serving as the only source of water in Dalipuozu, it sad to say, the community has suffered decades of water scarcity in the community.

The situation is the greatest threat to human life and livestock in Dalipuozu.

The community members are therefore appealing to the government, their MP, NGOs, and Philanthropists to come to their aid for redress.

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